Brittany Kapitan | Graphic Artist
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Hello! My name is Brittany Kapitan and I would love to be YOUR Graphic Designer.
Why choose me you ask? Well let me tell you:
I use the latest Adobe software to create the best designs for you. With every new update I make sure to constantly be learning new things.
I pride myself in having very high attention to detail and want to meet every need you have for all of your design projects.
I am passionate about what I do. Who can say that they love their job? I CAN! I hope to have that reflect in every project that I do.
  1. I want to compliment you on your professionalism. Your communications skills are great and your work and yourself (through invoices and emails) is very well communicated.

    Sheri Warnick


Lets Get Started
If you are interested in my design services, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me! If you have a project in mind, click below, and fill out the questionaire for a free quote!
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